Culinary School- A New Mission

Hells to the yeah! I start culinary school in February. Not only is cooking a passion of mine, but my toddler gives me a standing ovation when I make a yummy delight for him. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Another thing I want to accomplish is to concentrate on special diets (probably on weekends), like ones that are helpful for autistic children and adults, like my own. I’m thinking this will also turn into a culinary blog. I want to test some low glycemic recipes, as well. Diabetics really need tasty alternatives to high sugar food. There aren’t that many cookbooks for diabetics in comparison to, say, french food. I’ve tried a lot of low glycemic recipes, and, I have to say, they were really bland. I want to use my juicer to make beautiful sauces, and use fresh herbs to entice even the most stubborn autistic child or adult into eating something healthy. I experiment everyday. There are jobs where I could work in a test kitchen, or catering. Have you ever heard of a low glycemic catering business? I haven’t. Why not? Diabetes is an epidemic. Surely, we can change this, right?

One of the other perks is that the GI Bill is saving me from being homeless. Thank you, Basic Allowance for Housing! Things are looking up, and I’ve been kind and easy going with my future-ex. Here’s a few selfies from yours truly.

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