Ice and Snow: A Race Across the Country

a view from the jump
My view from behind the camera photographing the 173rd Airborne Brigade static-line jumping out of Black Hawks in Italy.

Whoah! Polar vortex and driving cross-country to a sick child. I had to get my car back from Georgia and all by myself, of course. Those that knew of this plan behaved the same way as everyone that ever tried to talk me out of joining the Air Force.

(What?! A woman can travel across country by herself? Well, bless her little heart).

Screw them.

There are two things that I wish I could do to every human I’ve ever had a problem with.

  1. They need to go through basic training, so that I can pull up a chair and laugh at them the whole way through.
  2. They need to waitress (in a woman’s body).

Anyhow, I made it. Do you have any idea how motivating 90’s rap can be? Oh my gosh, it was so much fun jamming out to:

“Hypnotize” by Biggie Smalls

“Gold digger” by Kanye West

“Tricky” by Run DMC

“Christmas in Hollis” by Run DMC

“Walk this Way” by Run DMC

“Fight for Your Right to Party” by the Beastie Boys

“I Love Rock n’ Roll” by Joan Jett

You get the idea.

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