Operation Divorce Medicine

It’s all about the senses. I need a little healing or self-care. So, here’s my plan for this week:

  1. Smell- I will go to my five favorite places that have my favorite smells. For instance, bakeries make me think of my grandmother, who I miss so much.
  2. Taste- I will go on a chocolate eating tour of Portland this week with a dear friend. We’re going to 3 places. I will eat 5 chocolates.
  3. Touch- I will go to my favorite fabric and knitting stores and touch as many things as they let me. Or, maybe I could go to Nordstrom and fondle the cashmere sweaters without somehow alerting security.
  4. Hearing- I will listen to my five favorite pieces of music while dancing around my kitchen with the resident toddler.
  5. Sight- I will watch my five favorite movie scenes of all time.
    1. The deleted scenes in Love, Actually
    2. The scene in the English Patient where the bomb diffuser/love interest hoists his love up to a beautiful mural and lights a flare for her to see this incredible wall mural.
    3. I will see Lady Bird again, then immediately call my mother.
    4. I love the scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Audry Hepburn finds her cat. It reminds me of my reunion with my cat, Special Agent Jack Meower.
    5. The opening scene in Chicago, and all that jazz. Also, the tango with the female prisoners talking about why they were put behind bars.